Director's Tours

Exclusive access, just for you…

Enjoy a personalised private tour of the Household Cavalry Museum with the Museum’s Director: out of museum hours and away from the crowds. Perfect for that special occasion, gift or family treat.


Private Tours (excl. of VAT @ 20%)

1hr Director’s Tour for up to 5 guests:  09:30-10:30hrs: £150+VAT

2hr Director’s Tour for up to 15 guests:  09:30-11:30hrs: £300+VAT

1hr Evening Tour for up to 50 guests (2 guides):  First hour after closing £500+VAT


For further information please contact

Alice Pearson on  020 7930 3090
or email
or the front desk on  020 7930 3070

The Household Cavalry Museum
Horse Guards
London SW1A 2AX


Nearest underground stations:

Charing Cross, Westminster and Embankment

Chauffeur drop off:

Horse Guards Avenue or Horse Guards Road

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