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Waterloo Eagle Pin Badge

Eagle pin badge of the Blues and Royals.


Waterloo Medal

Replica Waterloo medal, the first official medal awarded to all ranks that took part in a particular campaign.


Web Compass

Household Cavalry Museum web compass.


Windsor Horse

Delightful embroidered Christmas tree decorations inspired by the pageantry of London.


World War One Box Set

First World War box set that includes : Poster Images, Letters, Ration Book, Postcards and the first edition of the Wipers Times (1916).


World War One Replica Newspaper

Read all about it. Replica Newspaper from the day war broke out August 5th 1914.


World War One Replica Pack

World War One replica pack. Pack includes medical report relating to the Poet Wilfred Owens Shell shock, a collection of morale-boosting postcards and a fascinating booklet on the shooting down of a Zeppelin over London in 1916.