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Blues and Royals T-Bar Cufflinks

Enamel Blues and Royals T-Bar cufflinks from Smart Turnout.

britain at war

Britain at War

Five pewter figures and small gaming board.


Britain’s Blues & Royals Trooper Mounted

Hand painted figure of a Mounted Blues and Royals Trooper.


Britain’s Blues and Royals Trooper Dismounted

Hand painted figure of a dismounted trooper of the Blues and Royals.


Britain’s Life Guard Trooper Dismounted

Hand painted figure of a dismounted Life Guard.


Britain’s Life Guard Trooper Mounted

Hand painted figure of a mounted Life Guard trooper.


Camo Duck

Designer ducks from Yarto made in the United Kingdom.


Camo Face Paint

Green and black camo face cream. Face wipes also available.


Cavalry Horse

New from Keel Toys. Plush black Household Cavalry horse . Hand-made using the finest materials the horse has a squeeze me button which when pressed makes the horse neigh.


Changing of the Guard at Horse Guards

The Queens Life Guards.

Changing of the Guard at Horse Guards, which takes place at 11 o’clock every day.

Photograph Giles Penfound.