Death medal of 2nd Lieutenant Howard Avenel Bligh St George

From our ‘Sacrifice’ cabinet, today we show you the death medal of 2nd Lieutenant Howard Avenel Bligh St George of the 1st Life Guards. He died on Sunday 15th November 1914, just one month after his arrival at the Front, killed while assaulting a German position, aged only 19. Also on display is a framed newspaper clipping taken from the announcement of his death (kept, we believe, by a member of his family) as well as a memorial poppy (this particular poppy was one of the first to be used as a tribute to a fallen soldier).


Death Medal

©L. Courtney 2016

On display in our ‘Sacrifice’ cabinet

On display in our ‘Sacrifice’ cabinet, this French dictionary, pocket book and cigarette case proved instrumental in saving the life of Corporal of Horse Buckby of the Blues during the First World War. At 14.30 pm on the afternoon of May 13th,1915, the Blues and the Royals made a successful bayonet charge against German positions on Frezenberg Ridge. During the fighting, Buckley was hit by a sniper’s bullet that penetrated straight through the cigarette case, pocket book and a few pages of his French dictionary before being stopped.


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