Household Cavalry Museum video series

It’s time to see our treasures as you’ve never seen them before:

Click here for our You Tube Channel Household Cavalry Museum video series playlist.

Hot on the trail of our weekly series of podcasts, Regimental Historian, Christopher Joll, formerly of The Life Guards, offers up a fascinating behind the scenes look at some of the fabulous pieces in the Regiment’s Collection.


Large print accompaniment texts can be downloaded here:

Household Cavalry Museum – video series – large print text – episode 1.01

Household Cavalry Museum – video series – large print text – episode 1.02

History Hit with Dan Snow and Christopher Joll

History lovers will be well aware of the great work of Dan Snow, but did you know that as well as his hugely popular podcast series he also runs History Hit TV, the online video on demand service?


This positive Aladdin’s Cave of exciting content has now added a fantastic new episode- with our very own Regimental Historian Christopher Joll:

Loot? Spoils? Artefacts? What to Do with Our Museums

Our museums are full of stuff taken, bought, stolen and gifted from foreign countries. It feels like we face a reckoning. What shall we do with it? I talked to two authors of new books that wrestle with this. Christopher Joll is a former soldier who deals specifically with the spoils of war, while Alice Proctor thinks more generally about all objects and where they are best placed and how best to interpret them.

Watch the TV show  here  or listen to the podcast   here.